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Gallery: Smiles with Composite Bonding

J came into the office wanting us to close the space between his two front teeth. This would have created two huge front teeth if we only treated the front teeth. Instead, direct composite bonding was used on 6 teeth, creating teeth that were larger and in proportion with each other.

Jason felt that his teeth looked small and he was unhappy with the spaces between the upper front teeth. Whitening was not desired. Bonding, with composite resin, was used on the 6 front teeth. In this case bonding was much more conservative than using porcelain veneers.

Krista came to the office with a chipped front tooth. While there were many possible treatment approaches that we could have taken, Krista chose the most conservative approach that would restore her tooth - composite bonding. This treatment did not involve any tooth removal. 4 shades of material were carefully sculpted and blended to get the final result. Notice how the tooth looks straighter in the after picture.

Pat's treatment started with braces to correct her bite (not for cosmetics). Because her front teeth were worn and needed to be restored, the orthodontist created space for us to create more ideal tooth proportions. The treatment involved whitening, followed by composite bonding of only 4 teeth. This case could also have been treated with porcelain veneers.



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