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Gallery: Comprehensive Treatment

Barb came to the office seeking a natural appearing smile make-over. Treatment involved some minor gum procedures by Dr. Bobby Butler, followed by treatment of all teeth with porcelain restorations (a combination of porcelain veneers, all ceramic crowns and porcelain fused to gold crowns).

Cathy fractured a root on her left front tooth, making it impossible to treat. The tooth was extracted and an implant was placed. Cathy had a gum lift to create a more symmetrical gumline and to create more esthetic tooth proportions. Finally, a combination of crowns and veneers were placed on 12 teeth. Implant and gum treatment by Dr. Bobby Butler

Donna was loosing teeth one at a time because her bite was out of balance and she had gum disease. Treatment options included dentures, partial dentures or restoration of all teeth with crowns and 4 dental implants. Donna decided that she didn't want appliances in her mouth and she opted for the crowns and implants. Implant treatment by Dr Bobby Butler.

Dorothy came to the office suffering from extensive cavities on all remaining upper teeth. The upper teeth could not be saved. Rather than give in to a denture, this patient agreed to have 7 implants placed to support crowns. The decayed teeth were extracted, the implants placed and a temporary bridge was fitted all in the same day. 6 months later, after full implant healing, the final crowns were placed. Implant treatment by Dr. Bobby Butler.

Leone had many old crown and fillings and her bite was open in front. She wanted to get rid of the spots in a way that would last. She wanted to have the longest lasting possible restorations and she wanted it all to look natural. Treatment involved all teeth with veneers or crowns.



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