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Gallery: Single Teeth

Chad wanted his front crown to look more natural. He whitened his teeth using our take home custom whitening system, then we prepared the tooth for a new crown and sent the impression, along with high quality digital image, to our lab. Ossie Vereen created the beautiful Porcelain fused to Zirconia crown that you see here.

This is a funny story. David "let me" fix his tooth because he knew I wanted to. He had known this for the 19 years he has been in my practice. I couldn't help wanting to repair the chip, but I could respect that David didn't want it. Finally, he decided it was time. David didn't want any other changes and as you can see, this was a complicated tooth to match. We used advanced bonding techniques and 7 shades of composite with 4 opacities. The point of this example is that we don't only treat white teeth and our patients decide how much treatment to have and when to have it. (By the way, David likes his new tooth)

Jen chipped her front tooth in an accident. We discussed treating both teeth to close the small black space near the gumline, but Jen just wanted her tooth to be whole again. This was done for her with advanced composite bonding using 4 different shades (and three different opacities) of material. The look on Jen's face captures the joy she felt when we "gave her her smile back"

Kerry had one very dark tooth. This tooth had a root canal many years ago. Previous dentists had tried to whiten the tooth from the inside, but were not successful. Finally, there was not enough tooth left inside to place a crown. Kerry whitened all of her teeth while we whitened her tooth from the inside. We reconstructed the hollow tooth and then placed a porcelain veneer to add strength (since the tooth was slightly inset, we could do this with very little tooth preparation). The result speaks for itself.

This treatment took forever but involved very little. Sharon wanted her dark front tooth to match and she wanted whiter teeth. First, we had her whiten with trays. The front tooth had a large root canal. Crowning the tooth would destroy what was left, so we opted to internally whiten the tooth. We reapplied the internal whitening 9 times over 4 months. Since the tooth kept getting better and there were no behavioral restrictions to this treatment for Sharon, there was no rush. After the color was right, we reconstructed the inside of the tooth using an innovative composite / fiber lamination technique. The result: whitening and a filling inside a preexisting hole, resulting in a stronger tooth and a beautiful smile.



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