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Gallery: Limited Cosmetic Treatment - Page 1 of 2

After years of watching the composites on his front teeth get darker, Peter decided to do something about it. After discussing various approaches, we decided to have Peter do at-home whitening, then we replaced his fillings to match his whitened teeth. In addition, you might notice that we changed the shape and position of his lateral incisors (side front teeth), also with composite bonding.

Our treatment goal for Jill was to eliminate the black spaces between the front teeth. Composite bonding of the lower front teeth in one visit, with no tooth preparation provided, the perfect solution for this patient. The upper space was bonded as well at a different appointment. Replacement of the yellower upper back crowns is a project for the future.

Judy's front teeth were treated about 1 1/2 years before our picture. One tooth was dark and the older type of composite bonding material did not hold a shine. We removed the old bonding and then had Judy whiten her teeth. Extra whitening was used on the dark tooth. Finally, the teeth were rebonded using an advanced composite that maintains color and shine.

Katie had intrinsic discoloration in her front two teeth. Her wish was to have whiter teeth without brown spots. First, we had her whiten her teeth. Then the teeth were prepared only over the brown spots to make room for the bonding material. Next, the teeth were bonded using an advanced composite material. Remember, this result only involved whitening, very minor tooth structure removal on two teeth and bonded replacement of the missing tooth structure. Sometimes wishes do come true!



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