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Gallery: Limited Cosmetic Treatment - Page 2 of 2

Helen's old three tooth lower front bridge needed to be replaced. We were going to do just that, matching her other front teeth, when she asked about improving the appearance of her other lower front teeth. The new restorations are all ceramic and were designed to look natural, but be a lighter shade than her "old teeth".

Jodie needed restorations on her front 4 teeth. After reviewing simulated images of treatment, the patient decided to whiten her teeth slightly and have only her front 4 teeth treated. A decision was also made not to improve gum-line symmetry. The result is with 4 bonded all ceramic restorations that look absolutely natural. As far as this Jodie is concerned, we gave her back her natural smile.

For this 92 year old, restoration of the chipped edges of the front teeth did not require additional cosmetic treatment. We bonded the broken down front tooth edges using three shades of composite. The result: Stronger, smooth edges that look and feel natural.

Mary came in because her granddaughter asked her why she had a brown tooth. She was 68 years old and hadn't ever thought about cosmetic treatment before. After discussing all of the possibilities, we decided to do limited treatment to achieve an improved, but not perfect smile. Mary first whitened her teeth with our take-home whitening system. We then replaced a number of composite fillings that were too yellow. Finally we replaced the one crown and crowned the dark tooth next to it - two porcelain crowns. This cost effective solution took 10 years off of the patients smile and more importantly, made her granddaughter happy.



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