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Gallery: Back Teeth

It's amazing what a little tooth grinding (bruxism) and wine/juice sipping can do. The erosion around an old filling and a wear area are restored here with composite.

This tooth had a cavity under the silver filling and on the front of the tooth. In addition, the surface enamel was shattering. Because the tooth was not cracked inside, we were able to restore it with a direct bonded composite filling. 5 different shades of composite were layered to get the final result. Because the layering has to happen anyway, the patient does not pay extra for this.

Direct restorations (fillings) can restore much of the strength back to teeth that are filled with non-bonded fillings if the teeth are not cracked inside. These teeth were not cracked inside and were beautifully (and functionally) restored with an advanced composite and 4 shade - layering.

For this patient, the back two teeth needed treatment. A decision was made to whiten, and then treat all four teeth. From the front, the first, second and fourth teeth were filled with composite (three-four) layered shades. The third tooth was cracked inside and too badly damaged to fill. A porcelain/zirconia crown was used to restore this tooth.



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